Sanctioning Program

Purpose for Sanctioning

The goal of the U.S.P.A. Sanctioning Program is to encourage the growth and support of One-Wall Paddleball at all levels and in all forms by assisting event organizers in providing their local paddleball community with opportunities to participate and learn about the sport through leagues, practices, tournaments and clinics.

In order to sanction your event, you must review the policies and procedures required to host a U.S.P.A. sanctioned event, and then complete the sanctioning application and submit it along with the deposit to the U.S.P.A.. When someone sanctions their event with the U.S.P.A., it means that the U.S.P.A. has approved the application and recognizes this event for meeting the required U.S.P.A. standards, and both the event organizers and the U.S.P.A. agree that the sport of One-Wall Paddleball can be better shared, represented and supported through the combined efforts of the organization and the local community representatives.

The U.S.P.A. is devoted entirely to the sport of One-Wall Paddleball as defined by the U.S.P.A. and the 2005 U.S.P.A. Official Rules of One-Wall Paddleball and One-Wall Racquetball.  As a membership based organization, the U.S.P.A. only endorses and affiliates with events that support our mission and values statement. 

The U.S.P.A. sanctions One-Wall Paddleball events such as tournaments, leagues, practices and clinics.  If you have any questions regarding the eligibility of applying for U.S.P.A. event sanctioning of your event, please contact one of your local U.S.P.A. Board Representatives.

Sanctioning an event with the U.S.P.A. is an application process subject to approval.  The U.S.P.A. reserves the right to deny sanctioning of any event.

Sanctioning Objectives

  • To assist Event Directors in hosting One-Wall Paddleball tournaments, leagues, practices and clinics throughout the country.
  • To spread the enjoyment of One-Wall Paddleball by supporting and affiliating with events in the local paddleball community.
  • To improve and ensure the quality of One-Wall Paddleball events by affiliating with them and providing them with additional services from a national governing body that they might not otherwise have access to on their own.
  • To improve the communication between One-Wall Paddleball Players and the U.S.P.A.
  • Benefits of U.S.P.A. Sanctioning


  • Affiliating your event with the U.S.P.A. strengthens the ties between the various paddleball communities and provides the strongest support for the growth of One-Wall Paddleball through the combined efforts of the national governing body and the local event organizer.
  • U.S.P.A. event sanctioning is a free service provided for its members.
  • U.S.P.A. Tournament Charts, Score Sheets, and Rule Books are available to Event Directors for purchase to use, sell or give away at their event.
  • We will promote your tournament on the U.S.P.A. web pages.
  • Authorization to use the U.S.P.A. logo on t-shirts,  entry forms and souvenirs
  • You will have the potential to receive future U.S.P.A. newsletter coverage.
  • The U.S.P.A. will provide services to assist you with planning and organizing your sanctioned event.
  • An event affiliated with the U.S.P.A. gains recognition and sets higher standards for participant's expectations.

    Sanctioning Requirements


  • A valid U.S.P.A. waiver or entry form must be signed by each participant that does not have one on file with the U.S.P.A.. Waivers can be found online by clicking here, USPA Waiver of Liability wordage.doc
  • Each youth participant must complete a Medical Authorization Form. They can be found online at . These must stay on-site during the course of the event and be submitted to the U.S.P.A. along with the follow-up materials after the conclusion of the event.
  • Parent / Guardian forms can be found at Forms must be completed when youth players participate at an event.
  • All participants must be a current member of the U.S.P.A.
  • Participant information, waivers, youth guardian forms, youth medical authorization, other U.S.P.A.  documents and fees must be submitted to the U.S.P.A. (postmarked) within 7 business days after the conclusion of the event. This information can also be sent to us via e-mail. Events that last for a duration of time, such as leagues, must send monthly updates.
  • The U.S.P.A. recognizes the most current version of the rules; see the 2005 U.S.P.A. Official One-Wall Paddleball and One-Wall Racquetball Rules
  • Water and refillable containers for each team must be made available at no additional cost. Tournament Directors must provide a source of carbohydrates and fruit for each participant. For league and practice play during the week this is not required.

  • Enforcement

    Any failure on the part of a U.S.P.A. Sanctioned Event Organizer to meet these requirements may result in the loss of or increase in a deposit, suspension of a director, assistant director and/or event from being able to sanction through the U.S.P.A. in the future.

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