Our Mission and Objectives

Since the beginning when a paddle was used instead of a bare hand for the purpose of playing handball year-round, the interest and popularity of "Paddleball" as we know it today has been accepted and cherished by those who grew up with it. Paddleball is a close community of good yet competitive people who intend to play the sport they love, until their bodies will let them. Sadly, some devoted players have had to give up their preferred sport only because of their subsequent relocation. So these issues produced what we have set forth to be our mission.

The sport of Paddleball has it's history of ups and downs. During it's years, it has brought it's share of excitement, controversy as well as sorrow. At present day, the overwhelming majority of players nationwide are over the age of 30. Some of us are still playing strong nearing our 70's. So this issue transpires into the need to create a renewed interest in our beloved sport and to attract a new generation of players that can continue supporting the sport and one day, give it it's deserved recognition. The way to achieve this is by learning from previous mistakes and work towards improving it's image and respect. All players including our veteran players all agree with this concept. Efforts needed for this accomplishment include the responsible leadership from those considered influential in our sport. Examples should be set and a combined effort for the benefit of all should be a priority.  Effectiveness will also be achieved with a nationwide effort to keep our sport alive and healthy. This can be enhanced by a show of honest, un-selfish, safe and reliable participation from everyone. Eventually Paddleball should be seen in schools and parks where our children can someday exemplify what we have worked for. When this is achieved, it will produce proud support by commercial establishments on both local and national levels. This achievement will be something all players will be proud of. We stand in favor of these goals and will support anyone who would like to offer their efforts to reach them.

"Keep healthy, play Paddleball"

Henry Marquez

President, United States Paddleball Association

Goals and Objectives


To ensure the revitalization and continued progression of the sport of One-Wall Paddleball, for today�s paddleball community and for generations to come, by acknowledging both its roots and conscientiously charting its future.


To create and sustain the highest level of integrity in the sport of Paddleball locally, nationally and globally via the use of consistent rule and tournament structure, centralized governing practices and successfully demonstrated Outreach programs.

Key Objectives:

  1. Regroup the sport of Paddleball via the creation of the new USPA to restore the sport�s credibility, ensure its sustained respect, and support its longevity.
  2. Structure and promote the USPA as the official governing body for one-wall Paddleball.
  3. Create Outreach programs and opportunities in the community and beyond.
  4. Effectively build ongoing USPA membership and organizational participation.
  5. Acknowledge, chronicle and, thus, preserve the history of the sport of Paddleball for generations to come.

 Objective #1:

Regroup the sport of Paddleball via the creation of the new USPA to restore the sport�s credibility, ensure its sustained respect, and support its longevity.

 Supporting Strategies:

a)       Attract and appoint a dynamic Board of Directors who will serve as community liaisons and ambassadors for Paddleball, guide Outreach programs for the community�s youth, act as mentors and advisors for members and who will head committees created to execute strategies supporting each key objective of the USPA organizational plan. 

b)       Board led committees will be populated from the USPA membership base which will utilize the skills and talents of said membership to execute the supporting strategies of all objectives.

c)       Create an effective communication plan to showcase the introduction of the new, revitalized organization to the Paddleball public at large.  This would include website development, rulebook creation and distribution, on-line communication, key officer contact information, etc.  Ensure that the rationale for the development of the organization is clearly communicated via publication of the vision and/or mission statement(s) on the website and in any supporting materials and collateral.

d)       Set up a networking group inviting representatives of other Paddleball organizations to participate.  This will assist in the establishment of the USPA as central core of the sport and encourage a formal acknowledgement of same.

e)       Ultimately, petition the United States Olympic Committee to consider Paddleball as a viable candidate for consideration as an acknowledged Olympic sport.

 Objective #2:

Structure and promote the USPA as the official governing body for One-Wall Paddleball nationally.

 Supporting Strategies:

a)       Publish and broadly promote the utilization of the original, established, one-wall Paddleball rules upon which the sport was built, in all affiliated tournaments, events and Outreach programs.

b)       Conduct a comparative study of USPA rules against all other existing rules/guidelines for one-wall Paddleball.

c)       Commit the organization to a lifelong investment in building and maintaining a reputation above reproach through integrity-based procedures and practices and via USPA tournaments that are fairly negotiated, produced, advertised, publicized, sponsored, refereed, governed and compensated.

Objective #3:

Create Outreach programs and promotional opportunities in the community and beyond.

 Supporting Strategies:

a)       Work in conjunction with local parks departments, schools/community colleges, correctional facilities and YMCA/YWCA�s to introduce Paddleball training programs and events into the community structure.

b)       Work with the parks department toward the development of a Paddleball summer day �camp� for youth. 

c)       Solicit sponsors for youth camp/training program scholarships.

d)       Create a Paddleball �Fantasy Camp� similar to that offered by baseball and football, where today�s players in attendance can hear lectures, attend hands on workshops and learn from the sport�s elders and Hall of Famer�s in a collegial environment.  A Hall of Fame awards banquet could be tied to this event. 

e)       Attract attention to the organization by soliciting previous or current players in high standing to conduct on-line or live workshops or interactive discussions on pre-determined subjects of interest.

f)        Develop a USPA Speaker�s Bureau so that the message of Paddleball, its rich history, structure and current events can make its way out into the community.

g)       Create communication plan so that the local and national media, et al, are kept apprised of the activities of the organization.

h)       Create a plan to attract, sustain and showcase honorary and other sponsors for tournaments, Outreach programs and even products.  Consider creating sponsor �levels� to entice participation i.e., Our GOLD level sponsor is: XYZ Inc., etc.

Objective #4:

Effectively build ongoing USPA membership and organizational participation.

 Supporting Strategies:

a)       Develop a plan to encourage local membership enrollment i.e., discounts for multiple player sign-ups or multiple year memberships, offer a �free� paddle/balls/rulebook, etc. to new members, create a membership �package� that includes some/all aforementioned items and a discounted fee for the next tournament, etc. 

b)       Create a USPA referral/incentive program.  Offer incentives to players who get a friend to join with a discounted tournament fee or some other incentive to promote both membership and tournament participation.

c)       After securing a sponsor, stage a contest for a round-trip ticket to/from the next tournament for  any �new member� sign-ups between x and x date. 

d)       Strategize the creation of USPA chapters first, in surrounding and then in satellite, local cities with the objective of mobilizing the entire state under one, consistent Paddleball �canopy� with regard to governing, rules, tournament practices, etc. 

e)       Continue this effort by supporting the seeding and growth of USPA chapters in other states with the objective of building a national membership.  This will enable the foundation of rules and best practices for Paddleball to be consistent across the country and create the true paradigm shift for the sport. 

f)        Actively solicit and encourage membership involvement in running for the Board or in participating in Board driven committees, Outreach programs and tournament and community events.

g)       Create opportunities for the membership to provide input to rule changes and other organizational activities.  Suggestion Box or Letters to the President formats are all effective vehicles to promote a spirit of participation among members.

h)       Set up an internal membership network so that players can converse with players in adjoining (or other) cities.  This might prompt the ability for players from one location to have a place to stay at another location, thus increasing tournament enrollment numbers.

i)         Encourage cross-training among (but not limited to) Paddleball, Racquetball and Paddle Tennis players, sharing best practices among these similar sports in an effort to build player depth and proficiency and inter-sport camaraderie. 


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